Contixo F22 Review – A Decent Foldable Drone

Contixo F22 Review

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This is a decent drone and comes at a reasonable price, it is a drone that is suitable for everyone and comes with features that will enhance your flying experience.


One of the best features of this drone is definitely the HD camera.

Now, before I go any further, I must let you know that this isn’t a professional camera despite what you may see on the product page on Amazon. There is some noticeable distortion like jello effect and shakiness in the videos, which would be a problem if you wanted to shoot professional level videos and images, However, since this drone is not for that purpose, the overall quality of the videos and images is good.

The camera has a 120° field of view and can be adjusted at 90° so that you can get the viewing angle you want. Like I mentioned earlier, the live video stream is only in 720p and the stream can get a little choppy the further you take the drone to its FPV range limit.

Contixo F22 Review

To get the full 1080p resolution, you will need to record the videos on a micro SD card. There is an SD card slot the bottom of the drone and it can take up to a 32gb card. The video quality is much better although, there is still some distortion as the camera has no stabilisation features.

Overall, I reckon this is a decent camera and worth the price you pay, however, if you do want a drone with a camera that can take near professional-level videos and images check out my article for the best 4K drones that come at an affordable price.

Other Features

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the Contixo F22 comes with some cool features that will help you fly this drone more easily and at the same time have more fun with it.

These features include the following:

GPS – With GPS, the drone flies more smoothly and hovers better, this will allow you to take better quality videos and images. The GPS module also allows for the drones smart flight modes.

Orbit Mode – In this flight mode, the drone will orbit you, you can set the height and distance from within the app.

Follow Me – The drone will lock on to you and follow you around. This is a hit and miss feature, it sometimes and works but sometimes it just stops following after a while. A cool feature when it does work.

Waypoint – The third smart flight mode, in this mode you can draw a flight path on the app and the drone will fly along the route automatically. This is also another feature that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Automatic Return Home – This is a very useful feature, the drone will fly back home automatically once activated which can be done manually via the app or remote controller. It activates automatically if you lose connection of if the drone battery gets low on charge.

Flight Performance

I was impressed by how well this drone flies, it’s easy to fly and as it’s default flight mode is in headless mode, even complete beginners will not have any issues flying this drone. The one-button take-off and landing work as they should as does the automatic home return. Its quite fast for a beginner-friendly drone, especially in its fastest mode which should only be flown in once you have gained enough experience. The only issue you may face is using a couple of the smart flight modes as they sometimes do not work as they should, however, overall flight performance is good.

Final Thoughts

This is a decent drone and comes at a reasonable price, it is a drone that is suitable for everyone and comes with features that will enhance your flying experience. The HD camera and smart flight modes (when they work) are especially fun to play around with. Click on the button below for more information.