DJI Mavic Pro Review – The Most Powerful Compact Drone Ever

DJI Mavic Pro Review

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The Mavic Pro is one of the best camera drones on the market and for its size, it certainly packs a lot of features. Its compact and foldable design makes it a great drone to travel with.


This is as small a drone you will find on the market that also comes with many of the powerful features present in other DJI drones. In fact, feature wise, there is little difference between the Phantom 4 and the Mavic Pro.

What makes the Mavic more desirable is its compact design and metallic grey colour scheme. Aesthetically it looks much better than any other drones currently on the market, there are much more powerful drones out there, but the Mavic pro’s architecture is just amazing.

One of the annoying things about hi-tech drones is their size makes them difficult to travel around with. However, the Mavic Pro measures 83mm×198mm×83mm when folded up and weighs only 743g (when the gimbal cover is included). It’s no bigger than a medium sized water bottle, this is thanks to its ingenious folding design.

DJI Mavic Pro – Camera

One of the main attraction of this drone is its 4k camera. DJI have more or less cornered the market in producing great drones for aerial photography, and the Mavic Pro is no different.

The camera is stabilised by miniature a 3-axis gimbal that gives you the ability to shoot distortion free images and video footage. The camera comes with ½ inch CMOS sensor that captures images in both RAW and JPEG at 12MP and comes with an integrated lens equivalent to focal length of 28mm. You can shoot video footage in a variety of modes including cinema 4K @24 fps, 4K @30 fps, 2.7K @30 fps and FHD @96 fps.

All these features make for a camera drone that has the power to take professional grade images and video footage. The video quality in 4K is truly amazing, just look at the footage below. The image quality is just as sharp and crisp and with the DJI GO App, you can edit both video and images within the app.

Check out this awesome footage of Iceland filmed by the Mavic pro 4K camera

Intelligent flight modes

As with all DJI and high-end drones, the Mavic Pro comes with a few autonomous features. These autonomous features make it easier for beginners and for those who wish to take high-quality aerial photography.

TapFly – Users can tap on the screen and the drone will go to the designated destination.

ActiveTrack – Using this mode will track any subject you choose on the screen. It has three modes:

Trace– you can either trace the subject from front or behind at a constant distance.\\

Spotlight – Keep the camera focused on the subject, whilst flying the drone wherever you want.

Profile – Track the subject from an angle and distance from the side.

Gesture Mode – You don’t need the remote control for this, using this mode in the GO App will let you take selfies. This is probably one of the most innovative features in this App. You just have to gesture towards the drone and it will take a selfie. This mode only works when the forward vision positioning mode is active.

Tripod mode – This mode reduces the drones speed to 2.2 mph, it’s great for indoors where the speed wouldn’t be an issue. This mode is really helpful if you want to video in tight enclosures or narrow spaces because the speed is reduced so are the sensitivity of the controls.

Terrain follow mode – A new intelligent flight mode for the Mavic Pro, when activated, the Mavic Pro will record its current height follow and the person with the remote controller. Its main attraction is that can ascend on a slope, the angle of which should not be more than 20°. Great feature for mountaineers and any other type of climbing.


The Mavic Pro is one of the best camera drones on the market and for its size, it certainly packs a lot of features. Its compact and foldable design makes it a great drone to travel with. Between the GoPro Karma and the Mavic Pro, I will choose the latter, not only because of its aesthetics and features but DJI have never had a drone that they had to call back. If you want a drone with powerful features like that of the Phantom range but not as big, then the Mavic Pro is that drone. DJI are dominant for a reason and the Mavic Pro proves once again why that is so.