EACHINE E020 Drone Review

EACHINE E020 Drone Review

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Eachine drones are quite impressive in both looks and functions. Therefore, when you buy the Eachine E020, you can be sure that you will get good value for money. Everything from the hull to the landing gear and camera is made of high quality material. The flight time is too short though and so you might want to buy a second battery to prolong your fun. Do not fly this drone in the wind.


The propeller guards of the EACHINE E020 FPV drone make it stand out from the others because of the way they are lit up with blue and red LED lighting. While some people say they are hard to see in bright sunshine, they are quite a joy for night flying. Eachine is known for making some of the best-looking drones. However, with the E020, looks are not all there is to it. It has great flight features, functions and physical features, which we shall look at in the upcoming sections.

Design, Build Quality and Durability

Talking about the size of this drone, it is small. It should be easy to carry with you wherever you go. It measures 9.84 by 9.84 by 5.12 inches. However, this drone is not foldable, but it should be easy to carry when you remove the propeller guards and the landing gear.

The drone hull is made of high quality ABS plastic. It protects the delicate interior parts. Even if the drone crashes onto an obstacle, it need not rip apart and suffer irreparable damage.

The flying weight of this drone is 280 g. While it is not too high, it is still above the 250 g threshold for drones that do not need to be registered with the FAA if you are in North America. Therefore, register yours online before you can fly it.

Camera Quality

When it comes to the camera, Eachine has gone over and beyond. First, this is a 4K camera, with a wide field of view of 120 degrees. You will be able to capture high quality aerial footage for both photos and videos. You also get a good first person view experience with this drone. The image resolution is 3840 by 2160P.

When buying the drone, some online marketplaces bring you three options for the camera. These include 720P, 1080P and 4K. This EACHINE E020 drone review is for the 4K camera. The transmission distance for FPV is 50 to 80 meters.

You will realize something different with this camera. It is not fixed on the nose or on the belly of the drone. It is suspended under the nose of the drone. Therefore, when you do not need to take footage, you can remove the camera. This reduces the weight, making the drone fly for longer. Even when the drone is delivered to you, it arrives with the camera detached.

There is something a bit odd with this drone though. You have to connect the camera to the battery casing. You will see how to connect it in the user manual. The 6-axis gyro keeps the camera stable even when the drone slants. It maintains the right orientation for the video and photo footage.

Finally, this camera has a shock absorber. This prevents the camera from shaking, therefore, taking stable footage all the time.

Please refer to the user manual so that you can know the app that you should download to enjoy many of the flight functions as well as first person view.

Eachine E020 Flight Features and Functions

With many drones being targeted at beginner users, they come with many automatic functions. We shall discuss some of them here.

One Key Return

Every beginner drone must have this function. It makes it safer to fly the drone because once you punch this key, the drone turns and comes back home.

Altitude Hold

The altitude hold function comes in handily when you want the drone to hover precisely so that you can take pictures and videos. As a 4K camera, you do not want to take footage that has distortion. Steady hovering helps in that.

Headless mode

When you do not know where the drone’s nose faces, just engage headless mode and the drone will realign itself according to the position of the pilot. With this mode engaged, you can always trust that the drone will be facing the right direction all the time.

Trajectory Flight

Open the app and draw a flight path that you would love the drone to follow when you launch it. This will enable you to fly the drone hands-free and watch it follow the flight path that you drew on the app.

One key take off and landing

Learn how to calibrate the drone in the user manual and after that, you just have to press the one key take off and landing button. When you press this key, the drone takes off and hovers at a certain level waiting for your next move.

3D Rolls

This is a fun function. The drone can perform flips mid flight. Please note that executing these moves may cause the drone to consume more battery charge.

3 Speed Modes

If you are a beginner, start with the low speed mode. Once you have learned the ropes of flying the drone, move on to medium speed and eventually, hit the high-speed mode.

Who should buy the EACHINE E020

Advanced users are going to enjoy some exciting features and flight functions. Beginners also find the user manual well detailed and they too enjoy a faster learning time. Therefore, any person can buy the drone. If you would like to buy an unforgettable gift for a person who is very dear to you, this drone is a good purchase.