Potensic D85 Review – A Good 2K Drone That Comes With An Interchangeable Camera

Potensic D85 Review

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This is a good drone, it’s well-designed and comes with some cool features and a good camera. However, it does cost around $200 which is on the upper-end for these types of drones.


Potensic D85 Camera

Now, one of the best features of this drone (or any drone for that matter) is its camera. Cameras are the main reason I love drones, they let you see the world from a different perspective which is always nice.

The Potensic D85 comes with a 2k camera, it has a 130° wide angle view that will allow you to take some nice panoramic videos and images.


The videos and images are pretty decent and for what you pay for the drone, I think it’s worth the money. However, as there is no stabilisation feature like a gimbal, you will notice some shakiness and jello effect in your videos.

I really don’t think this is too much of a problem because the video footage is otherwise pretty clear and you will not be using them for any sort of professional reasons.

Also, be aware that the 2K video quality can only be viewed if you record the footage on a micro SD card, otherwise the live streaming quality is only in 720p, which is still decent but obviously not as good as the 2K video footage.

This is a detachable camera, so if you want to change it to something like GoPro or any other type of small action camera, you can (just make sure it’s compatible before you purchase a different camera).

Overall, this is a decent quality camera and you will be able to take nice videos and images, however, if you are looking for something a bit more professional but do not want to pay around a grand for something like DJI drone, check out my list of the best drones under $500.

Other Features.

Like most modern drones, the Potensic D85 comes with some advanced features that will help you fly the drone easily and have more fun with it.

These features include the following;

Headless Mode – Great for beginners as the drone is easier to operate in this flight mode as you will not need to differentiate between the head or tail.

Dual GPS – With both GLONASS and GPS enabled, this drone can lock on to more satellites resulting in better positioning and smoother flying and hovering capability.

Smart Flight Modes – It has a few smart flight modes, for instance, you can draw a flight path on the app and the drone will fly along the route automatically. Other smart flight modes will make the drone orbit a point of interest which is called orbit mode and another called follow me mode which is self-explanatory.

Automatic Return Home – This is a very useful feature and a lot of new drones have it, with the automatic return home, it does exactly as it sounds. The drone will come home automatically if you lose connection or if the battery level gets too low.

This feature can also be manually activated via the remote controller or the app, it’s a great feature as it minimises any risks of losing the drone.

Flight Performance

This drone flies exceptionally well, it’s steady and hovers accurately thanks to its dual GPS module. There a few speed settings, at its fastest it goes up t 36 km/h, this is fast, especially when you see ti in action. I would advise beginners not to fly in the fastest setting until they have gained a bit more experience.

The smart flight modes sometimes have issues, this is mainly because of the app, as sometimes doesn’t work as it should. Hope they rectify it soon because otherwise, this drone does what it says on the box.

Final Thoughts

This is a good drone, it’s well-designed and comes with some cool features and a good camera. However, it does cost around $200 which is on the upper-end for these types of drones, if you want some better choices, especially in the camera department, check out my article on the best drones for under $500. Otherwise, click on the button below to find out more about the Potensic D85 and what it has to offer.